STEM PLUS Activity Day

On January 5, 2019, we, together with Maxnet Limited, the Hong Kong Computer Education Society and the WWF, organized a STEM PLUS viewing exchange day. We would like to thank all the teachers for their participation, guests for their sharing and the staff for their assistance. The teachers have a better understanding of STEM and renewable energy education and had a good time relaxing in the nature.
Mr. Hung (left) and Mr. Hui shared their experiences on STEM teaching with the teachers and exchanged ideas with one another.
The staff from WWF were sharing information on environmental education, and demonstrating how to include the element of AR and VR in teaching.
The teachers were exchanging ideas with the guests, and having a look around our renewable energy device at the WWF-Island House.
The teachers were visiting the organic farming area and renewable energy device.
The teachers were trying on the AR device, experiencing interactive learning.
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