FiT Green Family Visit

On March 20th, our company, together with the business personnel of Panasonic and its Hong Kong distributor, visited the Green Family that their electricity bill for the upcoming 15 years would be waived. The village house has participated in the Feed-in Tariff scheme launched by CLP with a capacity of 6.5kW solar system installed. The daily power generation of the solar system is about 25kWh in average, equivalent to a profit of HKD 3,750 per month (before deducting the electricity bill). Meanwhile, the amount of power generation is also equivalent to the omission of 7,209 kg of Carbon dioxide emission annually. It is a beneficial investment for the village house owners, as it generates passive income, and in the meantime contributes to the environment.

STEM PLUS Activity Day

On January 5, 2019, we, together with Maxnet Limited, the Hong Kong Computer Education Society and the WWF, organized a STEM PLUS viewing exchange day. We would like to thank all the teachers for their participation, guests for their sharing and the staff for their assistance. The teachers have a better understanding of STEM and renewable energy education and had a good time relaxing in the nature. Mr. Hung (left) and Mr. Hui shared their experiences on STEM teaching with the teachers and exchanged ideas with one another.

ZCB -- Solar Charging Station

In response to the government's environmental protection policy and support for public welfare, we sponsored an environmentally friendly solar charging station to support the event during the "Purple Cares for You" held at Zero Carbon World on December 29-30, 2018. This promotes renewable energy and raises public awareness of environmental protection. Our solar charging station successfully attracted the attention of attendees, allowing the public to experience renewable energy power process, and to practice environmental protection through action.

2018 Seminar on FiT Scheme and Power-system Protection

We hereby express our gratitude for the invitation by the N.T. Western District Electricians Association at the Power Supply Technology and Electrical Safety Seminar 2018, jointly organised by the CLP, the Yuen Long Electrical Contractors’ Association, and the N.T. Western District Electricians Association. Mr. Silas Hung, our technical director, was being invited as the guest speaker of the seminar, to share about the knowledge of solar photovoltaic systems with the participants and the industry elites. Once again, we sincerely acknowledge the representatives of the CLP, the Yuen Long Electrical Contractors’ Association, the N.T. Western District Electricians Association, the EMSD, and the assistance from all the on-site staff.

Mei Foo Organic Market Sharing

Being invited by YMCA and Hong Kong Organic Association, we are glad to be the main speaker and share our professional experience of the integration between solar system and agriculture with the industry member. The Mei Foo Organic Market mainly offers various organic vegetables, dried goods and healthy products, aiming at enriching the knowledge of local organic vegetables and promoting the concept of forming an environmentally friendly community to the public.

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