Generating capacity and calculation of returns

Solar power system requires sunlight to generate electricity. The volume of sunlight is significantly reduced in cloudy days, and thus it only generates half of the capacity of sunny days.
The size of each solar cell is 2m x 1m. However, the exact covered area depends on the surrounding environment of the site, for instance, the blockage from the trees and buildings, which causes a low efficiency of electricity generation. Therefore, we will offer free investigation for the specific location, for the sake of maximizing your return.
In the case of 200 sq. ft covered by the solar system, 8 solar panels with the size of “2 m x 1 m”can be built. The total generation capacity will be 3kW. In the case of 1000 solar hours (a relatively conservative assumption), 3kWh will be produced in a year.
Three types of FiT rates will be offered according to the generation capacity of your renewable energy system:

Capacity of the

Renewable Energy System






FiT Rate

(per unit of electricity – kWh)




In the case of a solar power system with the generation capacity of 10kW, 10kWh will be produced in a year in 1000 solar hours (a relatively conservative assumption). As the FiT rate of every unit of electricity – kWh is HKD 5, the annual return will be HKD 50,000.
CLP/HKE will list the monthly profit on the regular electricity bill, separating from the electricity expenses. The amount of profit generating from the system will be sent to the registered address, after deducting the electricity expenses of the specific month. You can monitor your system on the CLP/HKE website or App to view the amount of electricity generated hourly.
After the 15-year Feed-in Tariff period, the client will still have the full ownership of the system, and enjoy the following merits:
1. Generating your own electricity
2. Save more money from the constantly increasing electricity bills
3. Lower the room temperature by 2-3 degrees
*In addition, several green groups have been actively pursuing the government and CLP/HKE to extend the duration of the scheme to 20 years.

Installation of solar power systems

Solar power systems do not generate noise during operation. A solar panel of 20,000 kilowatts would only produce the same amount of electromagnetic waves as an ordinary appliance (such as computer), which is vastly lower than the environmental limits of the EPA, and hence does not endanger the human body in any way.
Solar power systems produce no pollution during operation. In addition, compared to traditional coal-fired power generation (thermal power), solar power systems create less than 90% of the air pollution caused by coal-fired generation, even adding in pollution during production.
Solar panels are supported by steel or aluminum framework. The structural design has been approved by structural engineers. The durability of the structure can handle natural forces like typhoons.
The entire process of attaining full operation of the solar power system could take approximately 1 month, including the process of system installation, the completion and submission of application required by CLP/HKE.
The eligibility attributes to several factors including direction, location, and surrounding obstructive object. Therefore, we will offer free investigation for the specific location, and provide professional consultations, for the sake of maximizing your return.
In order to supply your own electricity under such circumstance, power storage equipment has to be installed into the system.
You can take part in this scheme if:
1. You are a registered CLP/HKE account holder
2. Your renewable energy system is powered by solar is located on your premises with a total generation capacity of up to 1MW
3. Your renewable energy system can be connected to the CLP/HKE network without any increase in capacity or network reinforcement work by CLP/HKE
1. Submit Application and Required Documents
2. Technical Assessment, System Test and Installation before CLP/HKE Smart Meter Installation
3. Completion and Grid Connection

Service and Support

Excessive dust, leaves, or bird dropping remain on the surface of a solar panel would affect the efficiency of the system. Thus, regular cleaning is advised. Homify Technology Ltd provides all-rounded maintenance services. For more detail, please consult our sales representatives.
The solar panel is warranted for ten years, with the transition rate guaranteed to be more than 80% after 15 years.
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